Are donations charged to the donor's cell phone bill?

No. There are many disadvantages to your organization to collect donations this way.  


  • Must meet multiple qualifications (minimum $500,000 annual revenue, 501c3 status, etc).  
  • Costly Mandatory Setup Fee ($500).  
  • Contract with the Service Provider ($99 per month, minimum 6 months)
  • Separate contract required with Mobile Giving Foundation 
  • No donor data is captured for you
  • Donation amount limit $20 per month
  • Deposit time is 120 days!
  • Setup time is 8-12 weeks
  • High fees (some providers take up to 50%!)
  • You only receive the donation if the donor pays on time 


  • Donations are processed immediately & you receive the funds in usually 1 business day (may vary depending on the processor).  
  • No Setup Fees
  • No Contracts
  • Affordable, flexible plans
  • You receive donor data
  • No donation cap (amount or frequency)
  • Easy, same day setup
  • Recurring giving
  • Unlimited causes
  • One-time Event Package 
  • Rollout Package
  • Awesome customer support
  • Full 24/7 Knowledge Base
  • Exportable donation/donor information
  • and so much more

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